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Jun. 29th, 2009

(no subject)

Sorry folks.  My LJ is friends only.  If you would like to be added please leave a commnet letting me know who you are.  Thanks.  Note, my currant friends can still view my lj.

A bit of a tribute to Sand's pic. 

Feb. 18th, 2009

Midlands Expo update and Aya 09

Theres a possibility that I might not make Midlands Expo afterall.  I've been invited to a casting for a feature film on the same day as Midlands Expo.  Although its near me its an all day casting.  I might not been seen until quite late.  If I'm seen early then I'll try and make it but its looking unlikely.  I'll still be going to the May expo with my brother. 

I'm now registered, for Aya 09.  I'm not sure on what accomadation to go for.  Because of an akward cosplay I'm planning on sat I would love to be part of a group booking.  If anyone if okay for me to join they're group I would really appricate it.  I suck at booking accommadation.  My brother always booked it when we did events together.  I always booked the travel.  Also I do have a small heart condition so I would like to be near people I know.  Plus, its more fun.

Note, I have sent a message thru Facebook as well.

Jan. 20th, 2009

(no subject)

Thanks to someone posting on one of the FF communities I've just seen some epic images that have made me want squee. SquareEnix have released new images and cover art for the upcoming Final Fantasy Adevnt Children Complete. Heres the net news page that features the pics (its in Japanese) http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1221340_1124.html

Heres the pic that made me squueee the most

Heres the cover art. 

Its really making me rethink my May Expo plans.  Originally I was going to put Sephiroth on hold until I can get the armour replaced.  My pauldrons where too small. Its going to be an arse to get bigger baseball helmets but what the hey!  It dose intrige me that although Matt lordmasamune is taller the size he used for his is too small for me.  I'm not a person I'm a small wardrobe.  Lol!

Jan. 9th, 2009

First entry of 2009 woot-a-roo!

Hey all!  I hope you all had great Crimbos and New Years.  I did and its put me in a good frame of mind for 2009.  Although my relationship with the Italian Lady has ended I'm still in a good frame of mind. 

I'm hoping that 2009 will be far much better than 2008.  2008 pretty much sucked so much.  I'm not going into details as thats too boring.  I am thankful that I was given the all clear from my dangerous heart condition.  I still have heart problems but at least they won't kill me anymore. 

One thing that I'm truely grateful for is my new anime con/cosplay friends.  You guys have been fanatstic.  You have made what would of been a dreary year absolutely a blast.  I hope to have more fun with you guys. 

My long delayed Oct Expo report will be appearing over the couple of days.  I've fixed my pc so now I'll be happy posting it.  Also my Starfury Galactica report will also appear. 

Qucik note to the three overseas peeps that I was going to send Xmas cards to.  Due to a mix up I didn't end up sending them they got posted locally by mistake.  I've only just realised when I checked the recept.  I'm so sorry to you.  Hopefuly, I will be better organised next time. 

My new years resolutions/guidelines are;
 Do better photo shoots for my cosplays.  My cosplays have been let down by bad photography so after Kaz's fab shoot of my Sephiroth I've decided to do more like it. 

Get my business off the ground.  It will be called 'Methusalah Corsets and cosplay'. 

Not get ill to a point that it kills a career.  I've lost two I don't want to loose anymore.

Be a stronger person like I used to be. 

Exercise more. 

Nov. 28th, 2008

Unable to post replies and a quick Birthday shout out to,,,,,

,,,James ilpala ,  Eli ashechan and Myalchod myalchod .  Hope you guys have and had great birthdays.  I hope you got the prezzies you wanted got to do some crazy stuff and didn't end up too drunk. 

Strange thing is happening to my LJ.  I can't post replies to peeps.  I hope that its just still part of my pc recovery and not some werid internet thing.  I hope to be back to normal soon.

Has anyone seen the latest 'Coco Pops' ad here in the UK?  Don't you find it creepy.  I'm not sure if I want to eat a bowl of cereal that has three hippos swimming in it to make the milk chocolatey.  Not at all healthy. Besides the bows that they are wearing on they're heads will get stuck in my teeth.  Talking of ads, whens the Coca Cola trunk Xmas ad coming back.  Its not Christmas until I see that.

Nov. 5th, 2008

Back from the Abyss

Hey all.  Sorry that I've been MIA for a while.  I ended going down with not one but two viral infections at the same time and have been bed ridden for over a week..  Currantly on the road to recovery with some antiboatics.  I did loose a bucket load of weight  through not eating for a week !!!! I so didn't enjoy that. So now trying to put weight back on so I don't look too thin.

My expo report will be coming later. 

Missed you all.

Also.  Calling KOEI cosplayers.  I would like to cosplay a Koei character but other than Zhou Yu from Dynatsy Warriors I have no idea which one to cosplay.  Anyone have any sugguestions?  I prefer to crossplay using my own hair. 

Oct. 17th, 2008

Argggghhhhhh! *yes, my imagintive title are reaaly getting better*

Just ran out of sliver.  I'm nearly done on Abel's capelette and I run out.  Grrrrrrrrr!  Stil have the hem to do as well on the cassock.  Annoyingly I think I brought the shops entire supply when I brought it.  I just hope the have a regular delievry or my artbook Abel won't make it to London Expo.  That will really gut me considering how much work and detail I've put into what I've completed so far.  I've already had to leave the sycthe as I couldn't afford to get the matrieals needed for it. 

I will also have less money than I prediced for the event.  So no spending or getting autographs for me.  Which is a bummer as I really wanted Greg (Parkman) Gunner from 'Heroes'.  This not going well at all. 

*Is really tired*

Battlestar Galactica the new series was much better than I thought. I'm now totally hocked.  I'm also completely dying for the next episode of Heroes. 

Oct. 8th, 2008


It looks like my Sephiroth will be weaponless for Expo. My Masamune sword at 6' (1.84m) is defo too long for the event and is made of solid wood.  I may have time to make a replacement thats shorter and made of foam but it will mean taht my Abel won't be complete.  Its a touch choice.  namely as I have a privite photo shoot booked with Kaz.  I really wanted the sword to be featured as its the chance I need to get really good shots of Seph.  I'm getting in new plastic to tidy up the armour and getting cats eyes contacts for the eyes.  Its such a poo! 

When I made the sword two years ago I had no problems taking to events.  Since the weapons crack own on swords its been harder to carry it around.  So I've gone from being able to carry it freely in a busy shopping centre (the MK center in Milton Keynes) to having to seriously consider binning it.

This has somewhat bummed me out. 

I was really hopeing for some good shots.  Oh well.  Maybe Kaz can work her magic and make Seph look kick ass without the sword. 

*goes a bit emo* (which is rare at my age)

I do get the need to be safe afterall I was fully trained on being weapon safe when I did all my stnut training.  its just annoying when I spent so much time building it (it was my first ever 100% prop build) and was able to carry it.  Now it may become a chav poking divice for our street.  Or I could set fire to it for Bonfire Night. 

Sep. 24th, 2008

Cosplay plans for next year.

After reading Odangochan's and Angelphie's lj's I decided to post my list that now includes my early plans for next year.

For the rest of this year

Oct Expo - Sephiroth (FF7 CC)
                   Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood Artbook)

Starfury Battlestar - Peter Petrelli (Heroes pilot episode.  As part of a group)
                                   Prince Nuada - Hellboy 2
                                   Axel Rose - Guns and Roses (for the 80's night)

For next year (this will probarly change)

Minamicon 15 - Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood artbook)
                             Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts 2)
                             (third costume undecided)

May Expo - Zhou Yu
                    Siegfried or Raphael (Soulcalibur)

Starfury T1 - Pheonix (X-men 3 movie)
                      Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrith)
                       (third costume undecided)

Ayacon (if it goes ahead) - Cain Nightroad (Trinity Blood artbook)
                                                Safer Sephiroth (FF7 orginal game)
                                                Lord Illpalazzo (Excel Saga)

(not listed for any event but would love to do) Lucius Malfoy - Leather Death Eater (Harry Potter movies)


Cosplay mishap and update.

After managing to complete my scarf for Abel Nightroad cosplay I manage to completely destroy it.

The mishap details,,,, Collapse )

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